Hybrid- and supercaps for IoT devices

Finding the right power source for remote/field IoT sensors and actuators may be a challenge. Longevity, cost efficiency, size are key for the success.

16.11.2021 | 10:00
Eaton →

Eaton's IoT specific hybrid and supercapacitors helps to optimize the energy storage design. With examples from the field where supercaps and new hybrid supercap (LIC) technology is sufficiently reducing cost and improve the primary energy source's lifetime. 

Detailed comparison between energy storage technologies to help designers to find the best one or the best combinations for any battery powered device equipped with remote control/communication capability. 


Akos Labady, Sr. Field Application Engineer

Eaton's Electronics division european application engineering and sales team is supplying supercapacitors for the IoT world since 2002. The presenter colleagues have a vast experience on the field with lots of successful projects in the past 10+yrs.

Anna Goldberg, Sales Manager Germany