Machine Automation Customizations: Three use cases

Customization is a key requirement in Automation. With the increasing demand for custom products and their life cycle becoming shorter and shorter, controllers and machines must be customizable and scalable.

10.06.2021 | 11:00
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Machines have to be designed for modularity and controllers need to be able to support different versions of a machine, from low end to high end. The most important thing is customization and KINGSTAR is a machine automation software platform, that has been designed specifically with customization in mind. In this webinar, we will list the most relevant customization types, describe the KINGSTAR platform and its unique features and then study three different use cases that show how KINGSTAR fits into the customization requirements.


Yves de la Broise, Senior Software Engineer

Yves has more than a decade of experience and expertise in Automation technology and Real Time Systems, after starting his career working for a Taiwanese IPC manufacturer. His knowledge covers a lot of areas, from industrial communication standards, such as EtherCAT and OPC UA, to motion standards like PLC Open Motion Control. He deeply initiated and created the KINGSTAR product line, a Machine Automation Software Platform for Industry 4.0. As the architect of KINGSTAR, he regularly travels to around the world to meet with machine builders and OEMs. He is also involved with ETG, PLC Open, CiA and other automation groups. Yves holds a Master of Science Degree in Automation and Industrial Computer Science from France ENSEEIHT (National Institute of Engineering in Electrotechnology, Electronics, Computer Science, Hydraulics and Telecommunication).